Source code for steno3d.project

""" contains the project class that contains resources
in steno3d

from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals

import six
import properties

from .base import (CompositeResource, ProjectQuotaExceeded,
                   ProjectSizeLimitExceeded, UploadError, UserContent)
from .client import Comms, needs_login, plot

Uploading this {priv} project will put you over your quota
of {num} {priv} project(s). For more projects and space, consider
upgrading your account: {base_url}settings/plan

After this project, you may upload {remaining} more {priv} project(s) before
reaching your {priv} project quota. For more projects and space
consider upgrading your account: {base_url}settings/plan

[docs]class Project(UserContent): """Steno3D top-level project""" _model_api_location = 'project/steno3d' resources = properties.List( doc='Project Resources', prop=CompositeResource, coerce=True, ) public = properties.Bool( doc='Public visibility of project', default=False ) _public_online = None @classmethod def _url_view_from_uid(cls, uid): """Get full url from a uid""" url = '{base}{mapi}/{uid}'.format( base=Comms.base_url, mapi='app', uid=uid) return url @needs_login def upload(self, **kwargs): """Upload the project""" verbose = kwargs.get('verbose', True) if getattr(self, '_upload_data', None) is None: assert self.validate() self._check_project_quota(verbose) self._public_online = self.public elif verbose and self._public_online: print('This project is PUBLIC. It is viewable by everyone.') if verbose and not self._public_online == self.public: print('Local privacy changes cannot be applied to ' 'projects that are already uploaded. To make ' 'these changes, please use the dashboard on ' '{base_url}'.format(base_url=Comms.base_url)) if verbose: print('\rStarting upload: {}'.format(self.title), end='') UserContent._upload_size = 1 UserContent._upload_total_size = self._nbytes() + 1 UserContent._upload_count = 0 UserContent._upload_total_count = len(self.resources) + 1 self._upload(**kwargs) self._trigger_ACL_fix() if verbose: print('\nComplete!') if verbose and kwargs.get('print_url', True): print(self._url) return self._upload_data['uid'] def _post(self, datadict=None, files=None): try: return super(Project, self)._post(datadict, files) except UploadError: if getattr(self, '_upload_data', None) is None: self._check_project_quota(False) raise def _trigger_ACL_fix(self): self._put({}) @properties.validator def _validate_resources(self): """Check if project resource pointers are correct""" for res in self.resources: if self not in res.project: raise ValueError('Project/resource pointers misaligned: ' 'Ensure that resources point to containing ' 'project.') self._validate_project_size() return True def _nbytes(self): return sum(r._nbytes() for r in self.resources) def _validate_project_size(self, res=None): if Comms.user.logged_in: if res is None: res = self.resources res_limit = Comms.user.project_resource_limit if len(res) > res_limit: raise ProjectResourceLimitExceeded( 'Total number of resources in project ({res}) ' 'exceeds limit: {lim}'.format(res=len(self.resources), lim=res_limit) ) size_limit = Comms.user.project_size_limit sz = self._nbytes() if sz > size_limit: raise ProjectSizeLimitExceeded( 'Total project size ({file} bytes) exceeds limit: ' '{lim} bytes'.format(file=sz, lim=size_limit) ) return True'resources') def _fix_proj_res(self, change): before = change['previous'] after = change['value'] if before in (None, properties.undefined): before = [] if after in (None, properties.undefined): after = [] for res in after: if res not in before and self not in res.project: res.project += [self] for res in before: if res not in after and self in res.project: res.project = [p for p in res.project if p is not self] if len(set(after)) != len(after): post_post = [] for r in after: if r not in post_post: post_post += [r] self.resources = post_post def _upload_dirty(self, **kwargs): dirty = self._dirty if 'resources' in dirty: [r._upload(**kwargs) for r in self.resources] def _get_dirty_data(self, force=False, initialize=False): datadict = super(Project, self)._get_dirty_data(force) dirty = self._dirty_props if 'public' in dirty or force: datadict['public'] = self.public if ('resources' in dirty or force) and not initialize: datadict['resourceUids'] = ','.join( (r._json['longUid'] for r in self.resources) ) return datadict def _check_project_quota(self, verbose=True): if self.public: privacy = 'public' else: privacy = 'private' if verbose: print('Verifying your quota for ' + privacy + ' projects...') resp = Comms.get('api/check/quota?test=ProjectSteno3D') resp = resp['json'] mode = resp.get('mode', None) if not mode or mode == 'split': key = privacy else: key = mode resp = resp.get(key, None) if not resp or 'quota' not in resp or 'count' not in resp: pass elif resp['quota'] == 'Unlimited': pass elif resp['count'] >= resp['quota']: quota_message = resp.get('message', QUOTA_REACHED) raise ProjectQuotaExceeded(quota_message.format( priv=privacy, num=resp['quota'], base_url=Comms.base_url, )) elif verbose and (resp['quota'] - resp['count'] - 1) < 4: print(QUOTA_IMPENDING.format( remaining=resp['quota'] - resp['count'] - 1, priv=privacy, base_url=Comms.base_url, )) if verbose and self.public: print('This PUBLIC project will be viewable by everyone.') @property def _url(self): if getattr(self, '_upload_data', None) is not None: return self._url_view_from_uid(self._upload_data['uid']) @property @needs_login def url(self): """url of project if uploaded""" if getattr(self, '_upload_data', None) is None: print('Project not uploaded: Please upload() ' 'before accessing the URL.') return self._url @needs_login def plot(self): """Display the 3D representation of the content""" if getattr(self, '_upload_data', None) is None: print('Project not uploaded: Please upload() ' 'before plotting.') return return plot(self._url) @classmethod def _build(cls, uid, copy=True, tab_level='', verbose=True): if verbose: print('Downloading project', end=': ') json = cls._json_from_uid(uid) title = '' if json['title'] is None else json['title'] desc = '' if json['description'] is None else json['description'] if verbose: print(title) pub = False for a in json['access']: if a['user'] == 'Special:PUBLIC': pub = True break is_owner = Comms.user.username == json['owner']['uid'] if copy is None: copy = not is_owner elif not copy and not is_owner: copy = True if copy and verbose: print('This is a copy of the {pub} project'.format( pub='PUBLIC' if pub else 'private' )) elif verbose: print('This is the original version of the {pub} project'.format( pub='PUBLIC' if pub else 'private' )) print('>> NOTE: Any changes you upload will overwrite the ' 'project online') print('>> ', end='') if len(json['perspectiveUids']) > 0: print('and existing perspectives may be invalidated. ', end='') print('Please upload with caution.') proj = Project( public=pub, title=title, description=desc, resources=[] ) for longuid in json['resourceUids']: res_string = longuid.split('Resource')[-1].split(':')[0] res_class = UserContent._REGISTRY[res_string] proj.resources += [res_class._build( src=longuid.split(':')[1], copy=copy, tab_level=tab_level + ' ', project=proj )] if not copy: proj._public_online = pub proj._upload_data = json proj._mark_clean() if verbose: print('... Complete!') return proj @classmethod def from_omf(cls, omf_input): if isinstance(omf_input, six.string_types): from omf import OMFReader omf_input = OMFReader(omf_input).get_project() if omf_input.__class__.__name__ != 'Project': raise ValueError('input must be omf file or Project') return cls._build_from_omf(omf_input) @classmethod def _build_from_omf(cls, omf_project): proj = Project(, description=omf_project.description, resources=[] ) resource_map = { 'PointSetElement': 'Point', 'LineSetElement': 'Line', 'SurfaceElement': 'Surface', 'VolumeElement': 'Volume' } for elem in omf_project.elements: res_class = UserContent._REGISTRY[ resource_map[elem.__class__.__name__] ] proj.resources += [ res_class._build_from_omf(elem, omf_project, proj) ] return proj
CompositeResource._props['project'].prop.instance_class = Project __all__ = ['Project']